How it works


  • 8fitways is an easy to use on-line fitness training platform that allows any individual an opportunity to work with fitness and sports professionals or the capability to design their own workout routine by utilizing the extensive database of exercises. You will be able to manage your daily routines in the “my workouts” and “event calendar” link. Coming soon the individual will have access to a nutrition platform and the capability to monitor their progress thru performance graphs.

  • Coming soon : Each individual will be able to search the extensive database of health and fitness sports professionals to help you reach your goals. You will be able to set your price, choose the professional’s gender, the city in which you live, and the specific fitness, sports and nutrition needs you are looking for. Based on this information a generated list of best matches will populate. Health and fitness and sports professionals will be able to manage and build their business with the on-line toolkit while engaging with clients providing customized nutrition and workout programs.

  • 8fitways fundamentals:

    • – Being able to maintain proper balance and stability while increasing and decreasing speed, and changing direction quickly
    • – The use of abdominal, mid- lower back and hip muscles to help maintain good body position and balance. It is the essential component for all body movements.
    • – is the ability to maintain exercise and sports performance efforts for long periods of time.
    • – the ability to lengthen the muscles for full range of motion.
    • – Choosing proper quality and quantity of food to enhance performance and a healthy body and life.
    • – Are short bursts of exercises that develop the muscles to perform at a more powerful rate.
    • – The body’s ability to produce maximum speed in the shortest time in one direction
    • –The ability to resist an external force.